Through the volunteer efforts of our residents, Gladstone Manor continues to be a wonderful place to live. It takes a village to pull off these events and Gladstone Manor has many opportunities for those who wish to help make our neighborhood even better. Listed below are some of the volunteer opportunities available in the neighborhood:

Adopt a Flower Bed

Adopting a flower bed; i.e. weeding, deadheading/thinning, and general cleanup for a specific flower bed throughout the season (May through October)

Events Clean-Up

Events clean-up staff are needed to break-down after events hosted by the Greater Gladstone Civic Association. Break down tables, collect and remove trash, box up leftover food and supplies.

Events Set-up

Events set-up staff are needed to prepare for the various events hosted by the association. Staff help move and set up tables, arrange paper products and association provided food/beverage, greet attendees and direct food donations to appropriate tables.

Flower Beds

Assist with planting one or more flower beds on The Island, The Point on Baltimore Pike, The Corner of Mansfield and Gladstone, Madison Avenue Fence and the Gladstone Train Station.

Gardening Task

Take on a specific gardening task in all flower beds (these would also include a general cleanup after the task is performed): deadheading and weeding all beds for a specific week each month of the season; deadheading and weeding all  beds for a specific week in a specific month of the season.

Newsletter Editor

The newsletter editor helps with the Greater Gladstone Civic Association newsletter. The editor is responsible for soliciting, collecting and editing articles from members of the community, compiling copy and providing to the volunteer layout designer, proofing the final product and approving for copying.

Parade Marcher

Parade marchers are needed to participate in the Greater Gladstone Civic Association contingent in the annual July 4th parade in Lansdowne. All ages welcome, the ability to carry a banner or toss candy is especially desired.


Writers are needed for the Greater Gladstone Civic Association newsletter and Santa’s Mailbox. A writer is responsible for suggesting and writing articles for the GGCA newsletter and providing them to the Editor, or responding to letters sent through Santa’s Mailbox.

To volunteer or learn more, please contact us.