Preliminary Plan to Discuss Traffic Calming in Gladstone Manor

At the Borough Council Meeting this Wednesday, September 4th, at 7 pm is a discussion about possible traffic calming for Gladstone Manor to address resident concerns about speeding to and from the train stations. This is a preliminary plan designed by a volunteer for the Borough.

If residents would like to address the Council or the Mayor about the plan, they should either attend the meeting or email all Council Members and the Mayor to voice their opinions.

To email all Council Members: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

To email individual Council Members:

1. Tony Campuzano | [email protected]
Member: Public Safety Committee

2. Michael Schleigh | [email protected]
Chair: Economic Development

3. Janet English | [email protected]
Vice President
Chair: Administration and Code Enforcement
Member: Public Safety, Infrastructure and Public Works

4. Wardell Holt | [email protected]
Chair: Infrastructure and Public Works
Member: Parks, Recreation and the Environment, Economic Development

5. Magda Byrne | [email protected]
Chair: Community Relations
Member: Public Safety; Parks, Recreation and the Environment

6. Tangela James | [email protected]
Member: Finance and Administration, Community Relations

7. Benjamin Hover | [email protected]
Chair: Parks, Recreation and the Environment
Member: Economic Development and Code Enforcement; Infrastructure and Public Works

8. Desmonde Pringle | [email protected]
Chair: Public Safety
Member: Community Relations; Finance and Administration