Homestead/ Farmstead Exclusion Program

Gladstone Manor neighbors, more information about the Homestead/ Farmstead Exclusion Program and Tax Savings details are posted at the Delaware County Homestead/ Farmstead Exclusion Program page.

To check if you/your home is setup for this program:

  1. Go to the Delaware County Public Access System Page
  2. Click on Search by Address
  3. Review the Terms of Use. If you Agree, proceed to the next step
  4. Enter your property number and street address
  5. Check to ensure the following reflect confirmation of your Homestead Status
    • Homestead Status – Next School Bill Cycle
    • Homestead Status – Current School Bill Cycle
    • Homestead %
    • Homestead Approved Year

If you’re interested in the Homestead/Farmstead program or are not setup, the application form for the program can be obtained by contacting the William Penn School District Business Office or by emailing Jeff Cuff ([email protected]) /Janet Shaiko ([email protected]).