Luminaries: Light the Manor on Christmas Eve

The Greater Gladstone Civic Association will sell luminaries for decoration on sidewalks and front walks on Christmas Eve. A long held tradition, luminaries warm the neighborhood, providing a beautiful effect on this special night.

Luminaries are available at the cost of six for $5.00 (Each set of six includes six bags, sand, and twelve candles). Orders must be pre-paid via cash or check (made payable to Greater Gladsone Civic Association). All profits go to the Greater Gladstone Civic Association.

Caroling under the Lights in Gladstone Manor

Caroling under the Lights returns on Saturday, December 18, 2010. Featuring two trumpets, a trombone, a tuba, and a French horn, the Mansfield Brass begins caroling at the corner of Mansfield and Madison Roads, proceeds down Madison, up Walsh (to the Gladstone Manor Island Parklette and Holiday Tree), and continues down Mansfield to Madison, concluding its tour of the Manor in the cul-de-sac at the intersection of East and West Windermere Terraces. The group stops to play under the Manor’s historic stree lights and holiday tree. Carolers are welcome!