Holiday Tree Lighting Decorating Help

The holidays are fast approaching, and we’d love to have you volunteer to help with the decorations on The Island (located at the intersection of DeForest and Walsh Roads). As of now, the schedule for the holiday decorating is as follows:

Saturday, November 26, 10 am. Set up the decorations on the Island (build Santa’s house, string lights, put up other decorations).

The more volunteers we have, the less time it will take to decorate!

On Saturday, December 3, from 4:00 – 5:00 pm join us for the Tree lighting ceremony! Meet Santa, have hot drinks and snacks, and watch the tree alight at 5:00 pm.

As always, we appreciate your help, it’s what makes us able to continue these and other events in Gladstone Manor. Yearly donations for the new lights and decorations can be donated at this time or online.

November 17, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Members in attendance via Zoom as follows: Jason Harbonic, Leonard Nelson, John Innis, Alexandra Semanara, Rosemary Stewart, Nancy Jordan, Anthony Lower

Treasury Report $1,897.65

We got the waiver from Ben Houver, and told that folks from Council and Mayor, and Fire Chief plan to attend.

Need volunteers to be at Island 11/26 to setup light at 9:30-10:00

Roe, has most of lights and tables, decoration in her garage. She gave John the remote to enter.

We need 4 volunteers to decorate bushes and Santa House the tree in front of house, the hookup and that we do remember how we take down in January. Roe plans to have boxes on her porch to work.

Mailbox is being painted, but will need help bringing over to Island, also Anthony is going out of town and, Jason said he could help also. Anthony will have Santa House and may need help to bring over, may rieed power strips .

Alex to setup letters to send Santa wishes and put dates on signage for display a reminder for volunteers.

Alex to bring paper of names for setup, on front porch bins under table for breakdown and sweep area. We asked about music and pictures to be taken.

Leo suggested to send/give a Thank You note from Greater Gladstone for donations. Have either envelope or paper for addresses available.

Suggestions on who will pickup Marshall was discussed. This is still pending. Also, think about weather if we need to change date, can Marshall help.

No candles on Madison Ave, but may put up wreaths or a Santa display. Plan to have a Donation table available, and lights.

Refreshments as follows;

Have cups, tablecloths, napkins per Alex, John has 30 cup urn if this can help. Hot Chocolate/Hot Cider, cookies/snacks, Candy Cane for Santa to hand out, I have gotten some Candy Cane already.

Water Ice Social

Gladstone Manor Water Ice

We are having our 2nd Annual Water Ice evening!! Meet at the Island on Aug. 4th from 7 to 8 pm. Please bring your own chair, sunscreen and bug spray.  Four different flavors will be featured this year.  

Please pass the word on to any new neighbors that have moved in since last year. There will be a table to sign up for future email notifications and registration to the Greater Gladstone Association, and a box for donation towards the water ice. We usually ask $25.00 for registration for the year per family to cover the cost of Holiday Decorations for the Island, the electric bill for the lights and gardening supplies for the spring and fall. Any and all donations are acceptable. We are EXTREMELY grateful to those donors who have been able to keep us alive with their generous donations!

We are working on Greater Gladstone T Shirts, planning a Greater Gladstone History Night, and a fall clean up before Holiday decorations. Dawn still could use some help with weeds in the flower beds on our beautiful Island.  Come up anytime and just break the weeds that are strangling the plants. Not hard to miss them, there are many.