July 28, 2022 Meeting Minutes

July 28, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Member in attendance were; Jason, Alex, Nancy

No Treasury Report, but Leo wanted to address Venmo, Pal . Leo did not make meeting.

Rosemarie said she had everything in  order but will need volunteers to scoop and setup on the Island

Jason critiqued letter from Roe to send out to neighbors and Alex is to send on Friday if possible

Alex has sodas and water from Bob’s Party to bring over. Alex to bring over signs and leave at Roe’s house, Jason stated no contact with Roe .

Still working on Tee Shirts and I voiced my opinion about leaving out GREATER GLADSTONE MANOR on shirt also as John Innis stated the importance.

This issue to be discussed at a later date. Color to be Grey/White?

Leo we will discuss how to setup Gladstone history also. TBD

August meeting TBD also. I suggested a break.

Meeting was adjournd.

Nancy Jordan


June 30, 2022 Meeting Minutes

June 30, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting at the Island in Gladstone Manor on Thursday at 6:00 promptly.

Members attending Jason Harbonic, Alexandrea C, Roe Stewart. John Innis, Alma Champion, Doretta Carr

Treasury Report $1,885.44 and PayPal donations $154.45

We could not get Banner from Melissa due to being in storage. We researched and John ordered  a banner for the parade.

Alex to send out letter for participants in parade.

We are to asking for suggestions to put on Tee Shirts as soon as possible.

White/Grey or Green/White with our logo on it. Want the Lamp Post on it also.

We discusses getting “Tee Shirts” for Sale in time for “Water Ice  Social in August .

Jason to ask for waiver to use the Island since we had a big turn out last year. If we cannot get waiver we will try to have again at Roe Stewart house.

Asking for volunteers to help with Water Ice function.

We are going to have August 4 tenative date from 6:00-7:00 with 4 kinds of Water Ice. Roe to check on supplies needed.

Jason went to Lansdowne meeting on June 16 at 20th Century  on Planning and Development in neighborhood as follows;

Tot lot at McKinley, Parks and Historic areas, Dog Park questions, Better lighting have Boro Recreation and Lectures,  Parking, Bike lane and making Scottsdale partial “One Way”

Speeding was discussed and attention to improve neighborhood is coming.

Discussed Traffic light at Baltimore and Martin, John Innis spoke with a crew member at PennDot as to the timing of light at intersection into Gladstone Manor.

We thanked Alma and Doretta for coming to meeting neighbors in the Manor. 

Looking ahead, Fall meeting is to TBD .

Meeting adjourned

Nancy Jordan


Party For Bob

Party For Bob

After over 19 years of being a resident in Gladstone Manor, Robert Bartmann, Bob to many in the neighborhood, is moving to New Jersey to be closer to his family. 

Bob moved into his home in Gladstone Manor and over the years has helped with countless projects in the neighborhood and borough. From the neighborhood Santa to the landscape designer and artist, his influence is widespread. While we are happy for Bob to begin his next chapter, we would like to celebrate a true neighbor and friend before he leaves.  

Join us for a party in Bob’s backyard and enjoy cake drinks and small treats. Please also feel free to share the invite with friends who know Bob. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the party on:

Date: May 15th

Time: 2 – 4 PM

Greater Gladstone Civic Association