The Greater Gladstone Civic Association (GGCA) is 100% funded by the contributions of the Gladstone Manor neighborhood residents. We could not continue our work without strong community support.

Membership fund raising goes towards community events, neighborhood beautification and other concerns. Some of the highlights of events and activities funded in our neighborhood in the last year were:

  • Growing number of neighbors enjoyed at least one event sponsored by the GGCA, including: the holiday tree lighting with a special visit from Santa, the strolling brass quintet, participation in the Lansdowne July 4th parade followed by a neighborhood picnic, ice cream social, an Easter Egg hunt, and a Fall Festival featuring crafts and yummy treats. New neighbors and longtime Gladstone residents enjoyed visiting with each other at every event.
  • Our neighborhood beautification efforts have expanded. We now have water on the Island to assist us in maintaing the plantings at the entrance to Gladstone Manor and around the Island. 2 new benches were also added to the Island. A new parklet has also been developed along Madison road. Plans for further improvements have been presented to and approved by several Borough committees, with work commencing late Spring/early Summer.
  • The GGCA works with the Borough on issues of interest to the community. In the past year we received Borough support on a number of projects, including communications to neighbors near the Gladstone train station regarding parking issues, street paving and neighborhood lighting.
  • The GGCA has worked with Borough representatives to schedule neighborhood visits to attend a meeting with SEPTA regarding safety and train speeds, and presentations to seek approval for future improvements to the Gladstone Parklet at the island to name a few.
  • The  GGCA maintains an online presence on multiple sites including Nextdoor Community, Facebook Page and our website as another means of communicating. We post meeting minutes, newsletters, and event updates. We invite you to take some time to check it out and visit the site regularly.

Please consider making a contribution to the Greater Gladstone Civic Association. Contributions can be made out to Greater Gladstone Civic Association and mailed to:

GGCA Treasurer
13 Martin Drive
Lansdowne PA 19050-2110

As an entirely volunteer-based group our efforts reflect the interests and passions of those involved. Our treasurer reports are provided by the GGCA Treasurer to the Board of Directors for accountability and review of use of all contributions and funds made to the Greater Gladstone Civic Association. 

Our plans for the upcoming year include more community building activities, as well as continuing the traditions you have come to enjoy and expect. We can accomplish these only with your help. If you would like to see additional activities, let us know. Gather your family members, your friends and neighbors, and join us in the work of making our community a great place to live.