Block Captains

Gladstone Manor is Ardmore Avenue (to Bryn Mawr Avenue), Bryn Mawr Avenue (to Ardmore Avenue), Deforest Road, West Baltimore Avenue (from Burmont Road to Windermere Avenue), Eldon Road, Gladstone Road, Madison Road, Mansfield Road, Marlyn Avenue, Martin Drive, West Stratford Avenue (to Ardmore Avenue), Walsh Road, East Windermere Terrace, West Windermere Terrace, Willowbrook Avenue (to Bryn Mawr Avenue). The following block captains help facilitate communications with residents on each block.

StreetBlock Captain
Ardmore Ave.Anne and Tom O’Brien
Baltimore Pike.
Alex Seminara
Bryn Mawr Ave.Fran Levanios
DeForest Rd.Jobi Zink
Eldon Rd.Alex Seminara
Gladstone Rd.Anthony Lower
Madison Rd.Nancy Jordan
Mansfield Rd.Leonard Nelson
Marlyn Rd.Susan Etheridge
Martin Dr.John Innis
W. Stratford Rd.Anne and Tom O’Brien
Walsh Rd.Jason Harbonic
Willowbrook Ave.Andrew and Brandon Hevey
E. Windermere TerraceKathy and Rich Louie
W. Windemere TerraceKathy and Rich Louie