Thank you to the Gladstone Manor residents who provided information for the website as well as to those residents who allowed their homes to be photographed. All photographs were taken by Michelle Hiscott, site creator. The lamppost image used to create the logo was copied from a hand drawing created by resdient Melissa Englund originally for use on the GGCA banner. The bits of Gladstone Manor history were taken from a dinner program compiled to celebrated the Manor’s 65th anniversary; historian Joanne Kammer provided the program from records; no author information was provided on the program. Additional thanks, again, to the Greater Lansdowne Civic Association for permission to adapt text from their website for use on this website.


  • Greater Lansdowne Civic Organization. Greather Lansdowne Civic Association: Historical Walking Tours in Lansdowne: Gladstone Manor. Accessed 18 August 2008.