Welcome to the website for theĀ Greater Gladstone Civic Association, (GGCA), the neighborhood organization of Gladstone Manor, a unique neighborhood located in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, located 5 miles southwest of downtown Philadelphia. The purpose of this site is to keep Gladstone Manor residents up-to-date on what’s new in their neighborhood. The GGCA consists of residents who love their neighborhood and their neighbors, and hope that through their efforts, the Manor continues to be a wonderful place to live.

Gladstone Manor includes homes on Ardmore Avenue (to Bryn Mawr Avenue), Bryn Mawr Avenue (to Ardmore Avenue), Deforest Road, West Baltimore Avenue (from Burmont Road to East Windermere Terrace), Eldon Road, Gladstone Road, Madison Road, Mansfield Road, Marlyn Avenue, Martin Drive, West Stratford Avenue (to Ardmore Avenue), Walsh Road, East Windermere Terrace, West Windermere Terrace, Willowbrook Avenue (to Bryn Mawr Avenue).

Gladstone Manor Map

The GGCA consists of residents who volunteer time and effort towards making our community a better place to live.