Here are some interesting links offering a variety of information and resources on the greater community of which Gladstone Manor is a part; the links are divided into three categories: Government Information; Community Organizations, Activities, and Events; Great Places to Eat.

Government Information

Lansdowne Borough: The official website of the Borough of Lansdowne. Find out what is going on in the borough as a whole, from council meetings to police and fire department information, to unique events such as the Lansdowne Arts Festival, and recreational activities offered by the Lansdowne Recreation and Park Department. Plus obtain contact information on borough services such as bulk trash, recycling, street cleaning, and leaf pick-up.

Delaware County: The official website of Delaware County, Pennyslvania. Locate information on licenses, library services, voter registraion, jury duty, county history, or just plain fun (such as park services or the Summer Festival at Rose Tree Park).

Community Organizations, Activities, and Events

Greater Lansdowne Civic Association: A wonderful organization that works to keep Lansdowne a great place to live.

Lansdowne Business Association: A directory of businesses and services located within the Borough of Lansdowne.

Lansdowne Celebration Theater: Lansdowne’s community theater, featuring several productions each season.

Lansdowne Farmers Market: A great place for fresh produce and crafts, open every Saturday, from 9:oo AM to 1:00 PM, Memorial Day weekend through the last weekend of October.

Lansdowne Folk Club: A concert series celebrating its fifteenth anniversary.

Lansdowne Public Library: Now offering free wi-fi and hosting great children’s and family programming.

Lansdowne Sofa Cinema: A new organziation, created in conjunction with the Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation, “dedicated to returning movie exhibition to Lansdowne.”

Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra: The official website of Lansdowne’s community orchestra.

Great Places to Eat

Regency Cafe: Enjoy coffee and tea paired with yummy pastries. The cinnamon butterhorns come highly recommended.

Sycamore BYO: Enjoy fine American bistro food in the heart of Lansdowne. Rated one of the Top 50 restaurants in the Philadelphia area.

B.T. Baking: Premium organic brownies