Version Dated: February 9, 2021


The name of this organization is The Greater Gladstone Civic Association (the “Association;” or “GGCA”). It shall be a non-profit organization associated under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, and its principal location is in the Borough of Lansdowne, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.


The mission of this Association is to contribute to the physical and social health and vitality of the Greater Gladstone neighborhood by developing fellowship among its residents through group meetings, neighborhood activities, and residents’ co-operation.


Members of the Association and of all sub-committees shall be comprised, without stock, of residents of the Greater Gladstone community and shall operate on a non-profit basis, with income of the Association devoted to the above-stated mission.

The Greater Gladstone community is comprised of the following streets in Lansdowne Borough:

Ardmore Avenue (to Bryn Mawr Avenue)
Bryn Mawr Avenue (to Ardmore Avenue)
Deforest Road
West Baltimore Avenue (from Burmont Road to Windermere Avenue)
East Windermere Terrace
Eldon Road
Gladstone Road
Madison Road
Mansfield Road
Marlyn Avenue
Martin Drive
West Stratford Avenue (to Ardmore Avenue)
Walsh Road
West Windermere Terrace
Willowbrook Avenue


There is no required dues amount; dues are voluntary contributions made to the Association by the member-residents living on the above-stated streets.


All meetings of any aspect of the Association shall be scheduled and announced in advance of such meetings. With the exception of up to four months (two summer months, two winter months), meetings are held regularly.  Notice of future meetings is given two weeks in advance by way of the website. of the Greater Gladstone Manor community.

All meetings of the entire Association shall be conducted by following the applicable provisions of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised. Sub-committees may establish their own lilies for conducting meetings.

Any comments from the Association’s membership that have been submitted in writing by the author concerning the issues and business of the Association will be read aloud by the Secretary at an Association meeting and entered into the records of said meeting.  Attendees can address the board, but must do so in writing first if possible.

The President may call special meetings with the elected officers and/or sub-committee members for the purposes of discussing issues that may need immediate (or confidential) attention. The President shall not take action based on said discussion without the consent and approval of a majority of the officers of the Association.

Each member-resident is entitled to one vote, and voting at regularly scheduled meetings or at unscheduled meetings called by the President may be conducted by proxy, providing such votes are delivered to the President or the Secretary in writing, via e-mail, or other means of communication; and that such votes are duly recorded by the Secretary or the President and made part of the Association’s minutes. In no instance shall a vote be valid if submitted by any other than the recognized member-resident. Passage of a motion requires a simple majority (i.e., one more than half the members present).


The following Officers shall be elected by the Association member-residents from among its membership.


Vice-President (2 positions)

Treasurer (2 positions)

Secretary (2 positions)

Officers shall be elected by simple majority among those present at a scheduled meeting, and by not less than seven members. Association member-residents may also vote by proxy.

Elections of officers shall be staggered and held every two years.

Officers will serve for a term of two years with a limit of three terms.

Interim elections shall be held to fill the vacancy of any office at a scheduled meeting. The term of any person elected at an interim election shall expire upon the completion of the term of the vacated office.


President — The President shall establish the agenda; conduct the business for all meetings of the whole Association; maintain contact with sub-committee chairs; meet with officers on an interim basis as appropriate; maintain liaison with officials of the Borough of Lansdowne; prepare and present for adoption an annual budget, in collaboration with the Treasurer, Association members, and sub-committees; and may assign any of these duties or portions thereof to the Vice-President.

Vice-President (Membership and Fundraising) — The Vice-President shall act in the absence of the President; co-ordinate fund-raising activities (with the Budget Committee); retain an up-to-date list of Association members provided by the Secretary; and may assist with the duties of the President. 

Vice-President (Block Captains) — The Vice-President shall act in the absence of the President; recruit, nominate, and maintain contact with all Block Captains; and may assist with the duties of the President.

Treasurer (Two positions) — The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the Association. Such records shall be maintained in a timely manner and in accordance with recognized standards of bookkeeping; report to the President on a monthly basis and to the Association membership at scheduled meetings; participate in Budget Committee meetings; co-ordinate as necessary with any external audits; maintain all bank accounts and be a signatory to banking transactions.

Co-Secretary (Recording) —The Recording Secretary will record, draft, and distribute minutes for all scheduled meetings of the Association; be responsible for the verification of a quorum (two-thirds of the voting body but not less than 7); noting by number and/or name those present at a meeting; and tally votes.

Co-Secretary (Corresponding) — The Corresponding Secretary shall maintain the records of the Association (including membership records); produces the newsletter; and maintains the contact list for Block Captains.


Historian — The Historian shall maintain the historic records and files electronically as much as possible of the Association and shall be responsible for collecting and providing an historical perspective when appropriate.

Block Captains — Block Captains shall be responsible for the distribution of the GGCA newsletters (email and in person for those without emails); maintain an accurate block list of member-residents; be responsible for soliciting neighborhood funds for membership drives and fundraising activities; act as the GGCA liaison with residents on their block.  The members who do not have e-mail addresses will go to the Gladstone Manor website.

Website Coordinator: — The website coordinator shall be responsible for updating and maintaining the website.


The Association may establish sub-committees for the purposes of addressing specific issues or tasks. Sub-committees may be “standing committees” to render continuous service to the Association or may be “special/ad hoc committees” to function for a limited time or until a particular task is accomplished.

The establishment of a sub-committee shall require the approval of a simple majority of those members present at a scheduled meeting of the Association.

Every sub-committee shall have a statement of their missions, responsibilities, schedule, products, and limitations.

The President may also designate the sub-committee chair or co-chairs, allow the sub-committee members to choose their own chair, or operate without formal structure.

A special/ad hoc committee shall be considered as dissolved upon completion of its task or when time runs out. Sub-committees may be assigned additional tasks and/or extended schedules only upon the approval of the President.

Findings, reports, and/or other recommendations by a sub-committee may be verbal or written, but all shall be addressed to the whole Association at (an) Association meetings.


The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on the first day of January.

All checks or demands for money of the Association shall be signed by such officer or officers as stipulated in Article VII Duties and Responsibilities Officers.


These by-laws may be adopted, amended, or repealed by a simple majority (i.e., one more than half the members present) at any regular or special meeting duly convened after notice of that purpose.

Approved by the Greater Gladstone Civic Association on April 25, 2007.

Amended by the Greater Gladstone Civic Association on September 20, 2007.

Amended by the Greater Gladstone Civic Association on February 26, 2009.

Amended by the Greater Gladstone Civic Association on May 26, 2010.

Amended by the Greater Gladstone Civic Association on February 9, 2021