January 18, 2024 Meeting Minutes

Meeting open with Jason welcoming all and thanking us for all the hard work.

December Treasury  $1338.89 With new lites there was not much difference in PECO bill $36.00 -$48.00 Dec. expense. Electric on tree turned off end of January.

Member in attendance;  Jason Harbonic, Alex M, John Innis, Leonard Nelson, Antony Lower, Nancy Jordan

We discussed about taking down decorations and items put in storage for next year. Need to check early on our needs.

We were able to salvage some of Santa House which was blown down and other items for next year.

Also discussed getting our tall tree trimmed.

We used at least 12-14 new lights used and have more on hand for next year check on extension cord  . 

Anthony to check on decorations for next year and if we want to get a new a contractor to help decorate.

We did not collect much at lighting, but we received anonymous donation of $100.00. Also had Sales via Venmo and PayPal 

Further discussed soliciting a flyer letter to collect more donations . John and Leo have a copy of  newsletter they want to send out.

We may have to think about Captains to help.

What’s next is our participation  in Spring/Fall/other ideas to follow; 4th of July Parade,, Water Ice Social, Soft Pretzels, Historical Night

We will be sending Roe Stewart flowers and Get Well Wishes. She has been a great inspiration to us at GGCA.

Our GCCA President wants to retire and asking for help. 

Names mentioned to join were Sherry Boyer, Lauren Dunne, they are our neighbors.

Ben Hover is not Council Pres. whom he has worked diligently with us. We are to send a”Thank You” card to him.

We have a new; Council President     Robert Curry  

                           Boro Manager           Ellen Lesgarden

Hope to have captured details

Meeting adjourned.

Tree Lighting

Holiday Tree Lighting

Saturday, December 2, 2023 at 4:00 PM

The “Island” Parklette (DeForest and Walsh Roads)

Welcome the Holiday Season to the Manor with the annual tree lighting, featuring a special guest appearance by Santa Claus. Enjoy hot chocolate and cider, coffee, and assorted holiday treats.

(p.s. it’s never rained on Santa yet, and we’ll continue if it’s sprinkling, but if it’s a downpour then Sunday Dec 3rd, same time will be the event. Note, refreshments will not be served in the case of foul weather)