April 18, 2024 Meeting Minutes

Hello to all,

Members in attendance as follows  Alex, Jason. John, Leo, Fran, Nancy

Treasury Report  : for $998.59 with other expenses and donations

Ending balance 5/31/2024   $2,134.44

We had a surprise donation from Roseanne Stewart  family of $1,000.00

Agenda was about the upcoming Pretzel/Lemonade gathering and honor Roe.

Everyone was assigned to bring supplies and setup at 1:00 p.m.

Tables, napkins, leomonade, both sugar free and regular, and got a donation from WAWA of Ice Tea

The Lemonade /Bernies  Pretzel function was a success.  Lansdowne Police, Ben Hover attended

Donation box was available along with GladStone Tee Shirts for sale

Printing of NewsLetter was printed and distributed thru out the Gladstone area

Block Captains were selected to distribute letter 

Dawn did not want to have an email  to use for help in the gardens, but could use anyone that could help

Discussed our storage items needs  for future

Anthony to check on a contractor to  trim Xmas Tree if possible

Also discussed 4th of July Parade volunteers and Water Ice Social upcoming

Next meeting is Thursday,  June  20,2024 on the Island. 6:30?

Meeting adjourned . 

Nancy Jordan

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