June 1, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting on Island  at 6:30 p.m.

Members in attendance;  Jason Harbonic, John Innis, Roe Stewart, Leo Nelson, Alexandrea, Nancy Jordan

Permit was issued to use the Island for our upcoming “Water Ice” social on June 29, 2023 @ 7:00 p.m.

John to store Water Ice  in Clifton freezer and cost about $88.00 was guestimated

Flavors include: Lemon, Orange Cream, Cherry, Rainbow

We will need cups and scoops to serve and volunteers to help scoop, setup and breakdown..


Plan to setup about 6:30

Will need 2 long tables, Jason and John, Roe, Alex to work on this setup

Alex will fix signs for date and put out around Island.

Also plan to sell T-Shirts if ready by June 28. Price will be $15.00. Check/cash/vemo for payment

Nancy/Leo to bring card table for Donation Box

Jason will let Boro know that we will be marching on July 4th and hopefully wear shirts.

Alex to get candy for parade.

Will need Banner and carriers (Nancy and others to volunteers)

Letter sent to Boro was looked upon as offensive.

Jason offered himself and GCCA to come to meeting with Boro Members- Mayor, Police, etc.

Also suggested to use  their Website when problems arise which is time stamped, such as:

 Lamp Post on Island, Trash Can at Baltimore and Martin Drive, and Traffic lite not working properly


Minutes  by Nancy Jordan

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