Holiday Tree Lighting Decorating Help

The holidays are fast approaching, and we’d love to have you volunteer to help with the decorations on The Island (located at the intersection of DeForest and Walsh Roads). As of now, the schedule for the holiday decorating is as follows:

Saturday, November 26, 10 am. Set up the decorations on the Island (build Santa’s house, string lights, put up other decorations).

The more volunteers we have, the less time it will take to decorate!

On Saturday, December 3, from 4:00 – 5:00 pm join us for the Tree lighting ceremony! Meet Santa, have hot drinks and snacks, and watch the tree alight at 5:00 pm.

As always, we appreciate your help, it’s what makes us able to continue these and other events in Gladstone Manor. Yearly donations for the new lights and decorations can be donated at this time or online.

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