July 28, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Member in attendance were; Jason, Alex, Nancy

No Treasury Report, but Leo wanted to address Venmo, Pal . Leo did not make meeting.

Rosemarie said she had everything in  order but will need volunteers to scoop and setup on the Island

Jason critiqued letter from Roe to send out to neighbors and Alex is to send on Friday if possible

Alex has sodas and water from Bob’s Party to bring over. Alex to bring over signs and leave at Roe’s house, Jason stated no contact with Roe .

Still working on Tee Shirts and I voiced my opinion about leaving out GREATER GLADSTONE MANOR on shirt also as John Innis stated the importance.

This issue to be discussed at a later date. Color to be Grey/White?

Leo we will discuss how to setup Gladstone history also. TBD

August meeting TBD also. I suggested a break.

Meeting was adjournd.

Nancy Jordan


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