Caroling Under the Lights

Due to the recent heightened restrictions imposed by the State, the 20th Century Club has been closed.  HOWEVER, the Borough HAS AGREED to allow us to use the courtyard, and deck, on the side of the Club to hold the event.  YAY!  Thanks to Craig Totaro for working with us on this.  Even though we will be outside Masks at all times will STILL be required, Social Distancing WILL be required, podded groups may sit together.  The courtyard MAY not hold the 25-30 people that we usually draw so, some seating may be on the deck, up the walkway to the parking lot and on the sidewalk by the street if we get the expected crowd or more.  This will DEFINITLY be a FUN and SAFE event. If you don’t agree with our safety protocol, and that MAY include having your temperature taken by touchless scan of your temple, PLEASE stay home so we don’t have to ask you to leave. 

Note: There will be NO CHAIRS and not enough lighting to read the lyrics sheets that will be available. So, if you want these bring your own chair and a flashlight.

Please come out and enjoy the Holidays with the Mansfield Brass and get to sing some Christmas Carols!  I’m starting to call this our Covid Christmas Celebration!  You just can’t stop JOY to the World!  And, we CAN be safe about it.

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