Holiday Tree Lighting Meeting

Some neighbors on Next Door Gladstone Manor have been talking about the tree on the island being lit this year. We are having an impromptu meeting at 6 pm on Tuesday night, November 24, at the Island for 15 minutes top. Please bring your own chair and wear your mask.

We are asking for people who want to join the Greater Gladstone Civic Association to bring with them their names and address of their household and email address on an index card filled out. If people want to contribute to the upkeep of the tree and island to please bring a contribution, check can be made out to the Greater Gladstone Civic Association.

We will talk about membership, tree lighting ceremony, and other things we need and what we would like to do to decorate and who is willing to help keep this Gladstone Manor tradition going.

The following flyer was also distributed in the neighborhood: Gladstone Manor Tree Lighting Participation Request.

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