Lansdowne Avenue Crosswalk

Lansdowne Avenue CrosswalkIn June of 2018 Lansdowne Borough was awarded $87,624 through a competitive grant application to the 2018 Community Development Block Grant funding cycle. The application was to install a more permanent and planned crosswalk across Lansdowne Avenue to connect the pedestrian pathway to east and west retail, municipal parking lots, and to increase the protection of pedestrians crossing Lansdowne Avenue. As of July of 2019, the design of the crosswalk between the Lansdowne Theater sidewalk and the Veterans Park sidewalk at 30 North Lansdowne Avenue is complete and is nearing the end of the PennDOT permitting process. Construction is expected to commence and complete in the Fall of 2019. This project represents the ongoing implementation of the 2014 Walkshed Study aimed at protecting and reducing the friction of pedestrian circulation within the Borough central business district. The project will include stormwater management elements, decorative bollards, blinking safety signals, and decorative surfaces.

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