Lansdowne Environmental News – July 10, 2012

Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 11th is Yard Waste pick-up
Place yard debris directly in trash cans or large brown paper yard waste bags sold at hardware and grocery stores

  • Branches and sticks must be no more than four feet long and should be bundled together and tied with string
  • No plastic bags, please
  • No dirt or stones
Movie Night in the Park: Ghostbusters – Friday, July 13
The Lansdowne Parks and Recreation Department presents a free showing of the 1984 movie Ghostbusters (Rated PG) in Hoffman Park at 8:30 pm on Friday, July 13. Come early to picnic in the park!
Cold-water laundry saves energy and cash
Did you know that according to most estimates, heating laundry water accounts for about 80 to 85 percent of the energy consumed by a typical batch of laundry?  The Alliance to Save Energy (ASE), a national nonprofit that works to promote energy efficiency, estimates that if everyone in the United States switched to cold-water washing, the energy saved would be equivalent to the energy produced at the Hoover Dam — a suitably watery comparison — for four years. Or, if you choose, it could power the streetlights of New York City for 71 years.

Those mega-numbers are fun, but what about your household?

ASE says a typical home, which supposedly does 400 loads of wash a year, could save enough energy to watch TV for 1,363 hours, power a refrigerator for four months, or charge an iphone 30,861 times.

The money savings, ASE says, could amount to $63 a year.

Here are some tips for washing in cold water:

Use liquid detergents; generally, powders don’t dissolve as well in cold water.

If you’re using a regular detergent and aren’t satisfied with the cleanliness, switch to one specifically for cold water.

Mix the detergent with warm water before adding it to the washer to help with dispersal.

Pretreat stains. For more efficient laundering overall:

Wash only full loads of clothing.

If you must wash in warm or hot, rinse in cold.

Hang clothes to dry. If you’re allergic to pollen, hang them inside.

If you do use the dryer, clean the lint filter to aid the air flow. Also, separate lightweight items from heavier ones because lightweight ones take less time to dry.

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