November 17, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Greater Gladstone Civic Association (GGCA) Meeting Minutes


Date: Thursday, November 17, 2011, 7:00 PM

Location: Lansdowne Borough Hall


Attendance: 7




Welcome by the President (Melissa Englund)


Review of Minutes by the Secretary (Michelle Hiscott)

Copies of the October 27, 2011 meeting minutes were distributed.

The minutes were approved as written.


Review of Finances by the Treasurer (Kathy Kauffman)

Copies of checking account activity from October 26, 2011 through November 16, 2011 were distributed. The ending balance in the account was $2,658.41.

The Treasurer’s report was approved as written.


Business Updates and Reports


Nominating Committee Report, Ballot Distribution (Melissa Englund)


The location of the ballot/ballot template is not known. The GGCA officers and the Nominating Committee will look for the ballot.


The ballot will be distributed with the next newsletter.


December Events (Melissa Englund)


December 2011 events will include the Tree Lighting, the Santa Mailbox, Caroling with the Mansfield Brass, and Luminaries.


The Tree Lighting is scheduled for Saturday, December 3, 2011, at 4:15. Santa will arrive at 4:25.  Kathy Kauffman will invite State Representative Nick Micozzie; Melissa Englund will invite Mayor Jayne Young and Borough Council President Sharon Coleman.


The Lansdowne Fire Company will hang the lights on Sunday. November 20, 2011. Dawn Hausler will be there. (Melissa Englund will test power on the Island over the upcoming weekend.)


Bob Bartmann will play Santa Claus. Children will line up to see Santa, receiving a treat bag after their visit. The Santa Claus suit is at 124 Gladstone.



Street Light and Island Update (Melissa Englund)


One light on the Island is not working.


No work on outstanding items has been completed to date.


Membership Drive (Kathy Kauffman)


A copy of the membership drive letter was distributed.


Changes to be made are as follows:

Remove Michelle Hiscott as an officer.

Update the Mansfield Block Captain to both Dennis and April.


Kathy Kauffman will email when the materials are ready to be stuffed.


The mail date will be determined by the next newsletter mailing.


Newsletter (Melissa Englund)


The next newsletter will be a special edition containing the letter of apology/explanation from Lansdowne Borough; Lansdowne Borough Council President Sharon Coleman is working on the letter.


The newsletter will be distributed with the membership letter and the election ballot, in December or early January.


Website and Email (Melissa Englund, Michelle Hiscott)


The domain name registration expires on January 17, 2011. Michelle Hiscott will renew the current package of domain name, email, and web service.


Neighbor Concerns: 1 East Windermere Terrace (Melissa Englund, Michelle Hiscott)


A Gladstone Manor resident (who wishes to remain anonymous) has approached the association to determine if the organization could be useful in encouraging the borough to lean on the owners of 1 East Windermere Terrace to clean-up the property. The GGCA will write a letter to Stephen Wagner, Chair of the Codes Board, and copy Lansdowne Borough Council and Lansdowne Borough, noting the concerns. Any follow-up must be done by the resident who voiced the complaint.


Next Meeting: Thursday, January 26, 2012

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