Lansdowne Environmental E-News – September 26, 2011

Hello Lansdownians,


Here are a few items pertaining to Lansdowne’s environmental programs.


Yard Waste Wednesday

Yup, it’s in a couple days. If you’re not in fear of being bombarded by starving mosquitoes, now is the time to bag up those sad, spent summer blooms, weed the garden, and generally clean up our yards. And this Wednesday, you put it all to the curb in paper bags or right in your trash can (no plastic bags), and the Lansdowne crew will come and remove everything Wednesday. Get it out there bright and early. And when I say early, I don’t mean a week in advance. There seem to be some folks in town who don’t know the drill and put their bags out daaaays in advance, cluttering up the visual beauty of the block. You should put it out right before collection — the night before or that morning, like our recycling. Let’s give those folks who put it out daaaaays early the benefit of the doubt and do an intervention: if you’re their neighbor, let them know that it should be out only the night before the morning of collection, or they risk a citation from the borough. I’m just saying.


Electronics Recycling Event – Saturday, Oct. 1

Here’s a fantastic way to recycle your old, unused, or broken electronics. Come out this Saturday, October 1st, from 9 am to 12 pm to the Highland Avenue parking lot next to the Lansdowne Fire House. We are accepting Computers, Laptops, TVs (CRT & Flat Screen), Printers, Monitors (CRT & Flat Panel), DVD/DVR/VCR Player and more. And the really good news is that the recycling is being handled in a responsible fashion: nothing will be shipped overseas, it won’t cause dangerous landfills, and everything is re-purposed in some way. For more information go to the Lansdowne Calendar.

Recycling Fun Facts

1. I just learned that aerosol cans can go in with our recycling. As long as the cans are empty, they’re good to go. (Thanks to Theresa for asking, so we could get this info from the recycling plant.) Yea, more goes into recycling!!

2. It’s great Blue Moutain takes aerosol cans, but one thing they don’t take is plastic bottle caps/lids. But don’t despair! You can collect your caps and take them to an Aveda store (there’s one in Liberty Place in center city), where they recycle them. This might be an opportunity to organize a little cap-collecting program with a friend or neighbor who goes into the city and can drop them off periodically. Sometimes I go in with an embarrassingly large bag of colorful caps and they don’t bat an eye. They just smile and take them! See the attached for more info about this cool program.

So were those Fun Facts, or what??


Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions or ideas.


Take care,



Barbara Silzle

Lansdowne Borough Council

Chair, Environment Committee

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