Lansdowne Environmental E-News – July 27, 2011

Hello Lansdowners,


If you have any energy left for yard maintenance during these hot summer days, Yard Waste Wednesday is this week. Make sure it’s in those large paper yard-waste bags or directly in your trash cans, and get it out to the curb bright and early Weds. morning, as the borough crew gets an early start.

Speaking of the Public Works crew: give them a big shout out of thanks when you see them picking up your trash, recycling and yard waste during this horrible, hot, humid weather.


And if you’re home this Saturday, don’t forget to stop by the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market. The pickings are fresh and oh, so tasty. And all the goodies are locally grown and produced, which means less gas and energy spent on getting the goods to us.


Many are asking when the new Bottom Dollar grocery store will open. The grocery store, on West Baltimore Pike, is a close walking distance from Wildman Arms, commuters walking home from the train, and many others in that area of town, and is scheduled to open August 19th.


Stay cool everyone.




Barbara Silzle

Lansdowne Borough Council

Chair, Environment Committee

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