Lansdowne Environmental E-News – July 10, 2011

Hello Lansdownians,



It’s almost here again – Yard Waste Wednesday. Yup, this Weds., 7/13 is YWW. So gather and clip away, putting all the waste into brown paper lawn bags or directly into a trash can (no plastic, get it?).



Lansdowne’s Tree Advisory Board will once again offer free, bare root trees of various sizes to Lansdowne residents this Fall. The trees are for front yard planting. If you’ve taken a walk on a hot day, you know how great it feels when you reach a shaded section of the sidewalk. Lansdowne loves trees, and for good reason. They purify the air, reduce pollutants, increase property value, beautify and improve the neighborhood, cool us in the summer, reduce energy costs, and provide wildlife habitat. To order a free tree, call Mary Lou Jennings by August 1st at 610.622-0162.



The storm last Friday afternoon was pretty darn intense. After my electric went out, I foolishly decided that was a good time to go do an errand, so off I went in my car. I was driving on Owen Avenue when I realized, just in time, that the road ahead was completely flooded and I could’ve been swept away and or at least damaged my car if I had driven into it. I’ve driven down Owen Avenue a million times and never imagined that it could get flooded, but when rain happens that fast, with that much intensity, the storm sewers get overwhelmed and temporary floods can happen. Flooding is even more likely when there are obstructions at the storm sewers (such as branches, trash, etc.). So if you live near a storm sewer, please take a walk over to it regularly to make sure it’s clear of debris, so when a big rain hits, it’s more likely to handle it. An action as small as that (and as neighborly) makes us all safer. Of course the borough’s roads crew does this periodically, but we can all pitch in when we see a problem and just deal with it.



After that big storm on Friday, please see if you have any standing water anywhere around your property. Mosquitoes carrying West Nile have been found in Delaware County, so we don’t want to invite them here. Standing water is like a big, flashing red carpet beckoning them to party in your yard, waiting to feast on you and your neighbors. So take a look and empty anything that has even the smallest amount of water sitting in it.



And thanks to everyone who donated their time and/or money to make July 4th fabulous in Lansdowne. What a parade! What fireworks! What a town.


Stay cool-




Barbara Silzle

Lansdowne Borough Council

Chair, Environment Committee

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