Lansdowne Environmental E-News – May 23, 2011

Hello Lansdownians,

First, yea, sunshine! Finally. I know we’re all dying to get outside so while you are…….


Now that the rains have subsided, it’s really important to go outside and look around your property to see where rain has collected — and dump that water. Standing water breeds mosquitoes, so get rid of that water and nip them in the bud. Look in the bottom of your trashcans, trash can lids, garage roofs, the bottom trays of potted plants, candles, tires — anything and everywhere that water collects. Please take 5 minutes while you’re out enjoying the sunshine to be vigilant and deny the mosquitoes the perfect breeding ground. Not only are they annoying but they can carry West Nile. You and your neighbors will be grateful.


Yup, this coming Wednesday is another collection day. Get all your paper bags (NO PLASTIC) and trash cans full of yard debris out to the curb by 7am. Putting it out the evening before is fine. The Borough does not allow waste to be put out at the curb at any other time, so if you see a neighbor with bags or cans out there and it’s not Yard Waste Wednesday eve or day, let them know to move it back so they can avoid a visit and possible fine.


Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 28th, when the fabulous Farmers Market returns to the municipal parking lot on Lansdowne Avenue from 9am-1pm. Get ready to stock up on whatever is fresh, in season, and locally grown. Remember to take reusable bags so you can avoid having to take plastic ones from the vendors.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Barbara Silzle
Lansdowne Borough Council
Chair, Environment Committee

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