March 24, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Greater Gladstone Civic Association (GGCA) Meeting Minutes


Date: Thursday, March 24, 2011 7:00 PM

Location: Lansdowne Borough Hall

Attendance: 10



Welcome by the President (Melissa Englund)


Review of Minutes by the Secretary (Michelle Hiscott)

Copies of the February 24, 2010 meeting minutes were distributed. The minutes were approved.


Review of Finances by the Treasurer (Kathy Kauffman)

Copies of checking account activity from February 23, 2011 to March 23, 2011 were distributed.

The checking account contains $3,723.18. The treasurer’s update was approved.


Business Updates and Reports


  • Island Electricity

A discussion was held on whether or not the electrical power should be kept on throughout the year. Melissa Englund will contact Lansdowne Borough Manager Craig Totaro to see if power should be on or off for the Island work


  • Membership List

An updated list of GGCA members was distributed. It was determined approximately 20% of residents contribute financially to the association.


  • Future Newsletters

Manor resident Dina Salzer has volunteered to layout the newsletter. Dina will create sample templates. The possibility of creating a template to include photographs and/or one with a less wordy format was discussed.

Dina noted the GGCA may send articles at anytime, but any content for a particular edition should be sent to her attention one week prior to the date she must submit the completed newsletter to the GGCA officers for proofing. Kathy Kauffman will continue to print the newsletter. Dina will provide Kathy with an electronic copy of the newsletter for ease of printing.


  • Fire Company Donation 2010

A donation of $100 was approved for the Lansdowne Fire Company as a thank you for aiding in stringing lights on the holiday tree. Melissa Englund will write a thank you letter.


  • Holiday Tree

The lights will remain on the tree, while the snowflake will be removed until preparation for the 2011 tree lighting.


  • Committee Budgets

Budgets for the current year were set for the Beautification, Communications, and Events Committees, as well as the GGCA as a whole, were discussed and set. A budget for the association as a whole was set at $3,375, with specific amounts as noted:

Beautification Committee: $ 750; Communications Committee: $ 325; Events Committee: $1,000;

Block Captain Event: $300.00; and Reserve: $1,000.00


  • Egg Hunt/Egg Roll: Saturday April 16, 2011, 10:45 AM.

The Egg Hunt has been moved to the Island from Marlyn Park due to construction at Marlyn. An egg hunt will be held for children under three, while an egg roll will be held for children over three. The Events Committee will apply for a street closure at the Island (as done for the Fourth of July).


Next Meeting: Thursday, April 28, 2011


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