Lansdowne Environmental E-News – April 8, 2011

Hello Lansdownians,

Yard Waste Wednesday – Weds. 4/13

Yup, this coming Wednesday the 13th is Yard Waste Weds. in Lansdowne. A reminder: no plastic bags are allowed, as this is an organic program. And as I think we all know, it saves all of us County tax payers some cold hard cash when we don’t put our yard waste in with the trash. Yea!!!

Keep Lansdowne Beautiful Day! – Saturday 4-16

I hope you can join me and your neighbors as we do a spring clean up of the expanded downtown area. This is a great way to participate in Earth Day, and put in a little time to make our home more beautiful. We’re meeting at Borough Green (corner of Baltimore & Lansdowne) at 9:30. Each of you really do make a difference, so please come. Kids are welcome. The Mayor will be giving our prizes and there will be an appearance by “Litterbug.” Loads of fun, and you’ll be doing a good thing for Lansdowne.

Shredding Madness – Saturday 4-16

Do you have a lot of papers you need to get rid of but just don’t want to toss in the recycling? Maybe they’re sensitive and you don’t have a shredder. Well, the Borough can help you out. As part of our Keep Lansdowne Beautiful Day, you can bring your old documents and records to the Highland Avenue parking lot between 11am and 2pm so they will be shredded and the paper recycled.

No Plastic Bags in Recycling

The Borough’s recycling center does not process plastic bags, so please DO NOT put your newspapers, shredded items or anything else in plastic bags when you recycle. It’s okay to use paper bags, or of course recycling bins. While the borough provides a bin to each home, folks are welcome to purchase their own recycling container if they want a larger one, or maybe one with a lid. Just put it out on the curb on your recycling day and our crew will handle it.

Marcellus Shale Drilling info – Saturday, April 9

Tomorrow, April 9th, you have an opportunity to hear from State Representative Greg Vitali about the Marcellus Shale Drilling issue. Shale drilling is a hot issue, and was the cover article in last week’s Time Magazine. While the Marcellus Shale debate doesn’t seem to immediately impact us, it does have financial and environmental impact – and Rep. Vitali has been deeply involved in all aspects. Full disclosure: Rep. Vitali is a guest speaker at what is an opportunity for folks to meet the Democratic candidates in the upcoming election. But all are welcome, and no donations are expected! So if you want to go just to hear from Greg Vitali on this issue, you are welcome. It’s being held at the home of John and Maura, 58 E. Greenwood Avenue, tomorrow from 3-5 pm.

Happy spring everyone.


Barbara Silzle

Lansdowne Borough Council

Chair, Environment Committee

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