Summary – Gladstone Manor Street Lights

Below is a summary of meetings and updates related to the Gladstone Manor Street Lights:

2 thoughts on “Summary – Gladstone Manor Street Lights

  1. I am unable to attend the borough meeting. I love the historic lights, but understand if they are no longer working as they should, that they need to be replaced. The new style of lights should reflect the older neighborhood that we are and have some type of charming character. The lights should not shine up into the 2nd floor bedroom areas.
    Additionally we have many areas that are not presently covered by lights, making it unsafe at night. Filling these dark areas should also be addressed.

  2. I am an electrician by trade, and I live on Gladstone Rd. I have an idea for the lights that would require some funding up front, but we could enjoy savings in the long run, not to mention doing our part to reduce Lansdowne’s carbon footprint. I have some literature about LED lighting that might intrest the board. We can use the existing poles and retrofit the fixture with LED bulbs. The new builbs have an output equal to a 150 watt lightbulb but only use the energy of a 35 watt light. LED lights have a lifetime of 35,000 hours. So they new lightbulb, burning for 10 hours per night would last about 9 years. This reduces the cost of maintaining the lights significantly. Another plus to LED lighting is that the lights put out no Ultra violet light, the plus side to this is that bugs are not attracted to it. I will not be able to attend the meeting tonight but I am willing to talk about the possibilities and also donate some time to help this project along. If someone can get back to me I can email the literature I referred to above. I have experience installing this lighting and customers love it.

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