September 23, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Greater Gladstone Civic Association (GGCA) Meeting Minutes


Date: Thursday, September 23, 2010 7:00 PM

Location: Lansdowne Borough Hall


Attendance: 8



Welcome by the President (Melissa Englund)


Review of Minutes by the Secretary

Copies of the June 24, 2010 meeting minutes were distributed.

The minutes were approved.


Review of Finances

Copies of the previous month’s checking account activity were distributed.

The checking account contains $2,835,12. The treasurer’s update was approved.


Business Updates and Reports


Fall Festival

Our second Fall Festival will be held Saturday, October 3rd on the Island. The Events Committee described the planned craft activities (including pumpkin painting, foam jewelry making, tissue paper fall trees, and an environmental craft) as well as snacks to be served (including cupcakes decorated like apples, brownies, pumpkin bars, cider, and coffee).


Park Benches

The park benches were approved by Borough Council and returned to the Island. The Borough has removed the Giant logo. Dawn Haussler is working on a solution to install plaques.


Island Improvements

The GGCA has been informed that Borough Council approved the plans for improvements to the Island. We anticipate a decision in October on whether funding is approved. Funding would be through a grant to the Borough.


Street Lamps

Discussions were held between the GGCA and Borough over the summer concerning the Borough’s plans to replace the lampposts throughout the Manor. It is as yet undetermined whether the replacements will be of the “lantern” or “acorn” style. Craig Totaro, Borough Manager, indicated that he will schedule a public meeting. Gladstone residents have also asked whether the current lampposts can be retrofitted for LED lights.


Lighting Study

Bob Bartmann reported that he has not received a response from the Borough on the lighting study he conducted in which he concluded that lighting in Greater Gladstone is inadequate.


June Newsletter

In the newsletter, the GGCA requested help with various projects. One neighbor responded that she would help with applying for 501c(3) designation. Kathy Kauffman reported that Tom Hiscott has

reviewed the GGCA articles of incorporation, but is still evaluating whether the bylaws need to be updated for 501c(3). She also noted that 501c(3) designation is a requirement for specific grants that could be used for the Island.



A notice will be included in the upcoming newsletter that we are still looking for help with the website


Fall Membership Drive

Gail Phillips has updated the document. Needed are copies, envelopes, and paper clips. These were assigned at the meeting.


Block Captains Celebration

This event has been budgeted, and Steve Phillips is looking at a Sunday afternoon to hold the celebration.


Speakers for Upcoming Meetings

The decision was made to contact Codes again as the presentation had to be cancelled in the spring/summer. Bob Bartmann submitted a list of suggestions for presentations last year, and agrees to be a speaker at an upcoming meeting (topic TBD). Kathy Kauffman suggested Matt Schultz as a potential speaker. Steve Phillips suggested Larry Smalley, who is a local artist featuring paintings of Lansdowne.


New Template for Newsletter

Steve Phillips converted the existing paper template to a MS Word document


Newsletter Topics

Suggestions included Bob Bartmann’s history archives (he has the document), a scan of old handwritten meeting minutes from the library, and a recognition of the 5 Madison neighbors who have planted a total of 9 shade trees.


Beautification Committee

Additional gardeners are needed.

Next Meeting – 10/28/2010


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