In Need of Some Help

If you’re interested in some short term volunteering, we could really use your help and expertise with the following:

  • Non-profit Preparation/ Filing: Assist in preparation and filing of 501(c)(3) application and grant request materials. These things have been overwhelming us, but there must be someone out there who finds them a walk in the park.
  • Website Updates: We seem to be  a bit stalled with our site and could use some creative folks to give us a jump start and help write some text.
  • Membership Drive: There never seem to be enough bodies for this. Again, we could use some creative types to help us with the packaging.
  • Increase our inventory: We’d like to have a stash of items and articles to draw from for use in future newsletters. Here again, we’ve got the need for some creative minds, or just folks with good memories of times gone by, or perhaps some younger minds interested in making new memories or just giving their two cents.
  • Gratitude: We want to show our appreciation of our block captains with a thank-you event in the fall and could use some input in preparation of that.

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