November 15, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Greater Gladstone Civic Association (GGCA) Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday, November 15, 2007, 7:00 PM

Location: Library, The Garden Church

Attendance: 11


Welcome and Introduction by the Secretary (Melissa Englund)

Review of October’s Meeting’s by the Secretary

Copies of the October 18, 2007 meeting were distributed.

The minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Update (Kathy Kauffman)

Copies of the previous month’s checking account activity were distributed.

The checking account contains $1,438.94.

To date just over 10% of homes in the Manor have contributed to the membership drive.

Disbursements were made during the past month to reimburse Kathy Kauffman ($68.63) for the promotional refrigerator magnets and to make a small donation to the Garden Church ($30.00) for use of their library as meeting space during October and November.

A discussion was held on committees submitting budgets for 2008. It was suggested existing committees meet in the new year to create proposed budgets for submission and approval.

Business Update

Update on vice-president positions: None of the six write-in candidates chose to accept either of the positions. A discussion will be held at the January meeting (when President Hanne Weedon is present) to decide how to proceed with filling these positions or re-allocating their responsibilities.

Information on the suggested addition of an indemnification clause to the bylaws: Melissa Englund discussed the matter with Tom Hiscott who explained that an indemnification clause only protects directors and officers if the organization either has an insurance policy or assets to back up the indemnification. As the association has neither, an indemnification clause is not necessary.

Future meeting schedule:

Meetings in 2008 will be held on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Lansdowne Borough Hall. Dates for the first six months are as follows:

January 24; February 28; March 27; April 24; May 22; and June 26 (should a June meeting be held.) Dates for November and December 2008 must be discussed due to potential conflicts with holidays.

(The December 2007 events flyer will include information on 2008 meetings.)

Events Update

Tree Lighting:

The tree lighting is scheduled for Saturday, December 8, 2007 at 4:00 PM. (Rain date is Sunday, December 9, 2007 at the same time.)

PECO electricity turn-on: Kathy Kauffman contacted PECO. The power will be turned on November 26, 2007. No one need be present, but the breaker must be in the “off” position prior to this. Bob Bartmann will make sure that is the case.

Electrician: Bob Bartmann received literature from the manufacturer of the timer. The electrician reviewed it and believes he has enough information from which to work to repair the timer.

String lights: Bob Bartmann and Dawn Haussler will test the tree lights.

Refreshments: Hot chocolate and cider will be served. Donations will be solicited for food.

Santa: Michelle Hiscott’s brother, John Schuld, will portray Santa.

December Events Promotion:

Flyer: Distributed the first weekend in December

(Michelle Hiscott will write. Kathy Kauffman will copy. Kathy needs the completed flyer by Tuesday, November 27.)

Posters: train station, Marlyn Park, the island

(Michelle Hiscott will create the first two; Melissa Englund the third.)

News of Delaware County: Michelle Hiscott will submit

Lansdowne borough e-newsletter: Michelle Hiscott will submit

Mansfield Brass Quintet:

The group will carol on Saturday, December 22 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Santa Letters:

The mailbox will be put on the island on December 8. Volunteers are needed to help move the box. Melissa Englund provided form letters. Michelle Hiscott will send.


Tom Hiscott has volunteered to bring the luminaries back this year. They will be sold six bags for $5.00. All orders must be pre-paid by cash or check with an order deadline of Wednesday, December 19 and a pick-up date of December 23.

Historic Preservation—Meeting Update (Bob Bartmann)

Bob Bartmann submitted a follow-up letter following the borough meeting.

Beautification Update (Bob Bartmann)

50 daffodils were planted on the island and 60 tulips were planted at the train station. The bulbs were leftover from landscaping work at the Lansdowne Dunkin Donuts.

Bob Bartmann ordered mulch for the base of the Christmas tree.


Open vice-president positions.

Budgeting for 2008 committee work.

Changing the borders of Gladstone Manor.


DECEMBER 2007 Events Flyer:

Tree lighting

Mansfield Brass Quintet

Santa Letters


Dates for 2008 meetings



Open vice-president positions

Christmas 2007

Budgeting for 2008 committee work





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